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Bay View Urgent CareBay View Urgent Care suggests a comfortable, walk-in health care service to overcome for a various injuries and diseases such as sprains and fractures, sore throats, ear and skin infections. We are working together with My Canadian Pharmacy, a provider of necessary remedies for us.

Our clinic is worked out thinking about the patient and applying innovative equipment in a clean, cozy, and magnetic atmosphere.

From taking care of not severe injuries to working out an applicable rehabilitation program our professionally experienced staff and specialized facility bring the focus on quality using the most modern equipment for your care.

  • Open 7 day/week
  • Comfortable, with competent chargeless parking
  • Arranged with innovative and state-of-the-art medical equipment
  • 4500 square foot facility
  • On site X-ray and laboratory
  • Staffed by board certified Family Practice, Internists and Emergency Physicians

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Erectile Dysfunction: My Canadian Pharmacy Review

erectile dysfunction with My Canadian PharmacyWhat is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (impotence) is a male disorder of sexual function, where there is no erection of the male penis, that is, lack of an erection at an appropriate level for a sexual intercourse. An erectile dysfunction diagnosis means that a person can not get or keep an erection. In simple words, he would like to, but he can’t. The obsolete term “impotence” is no longer use in the scientific literature. Instead, they talk about “erectile dysfunction” (ED). Erectile dysfunction is not the same as a premature ejaculation.

The main causes of erectile dysfunction include:

  • Vascular disease (blood vessels). Erection occurs when blood is accumulated in the penis. Vascular disease can limit the amount of blood entering or staying in the penis. This can lead to problems with erection. Vascular diseases is the most common medical cause of impotence, according to My Canadian Pharmacy statistics;
  • damage to the nerves. Nerves must function normally to get and keep an erection. Nerves can be damaged by diabetes, multiple sclerosis, prostate surgery or spinal cord injury;
  • psychological factors Psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, guilt or fear can sometimes cause sexual problems. At one time, these factors were considered as the main cause of impotence. Now we know that the majority of men call the main cause of erectile dysfunction physical factors. However, if you are exposed to various stresses, have a constant anxiety, a feeling of insecurity and other psychological factors, it can worsen the physical problems;
  • medications. Many drugs can cause problems with a sexual function. These are drugs for high blood pressure, depression, heart disease and prostate cancer;
    Hormonal problems. They are associated with male age-related hormonal disorders. In this case, man needs a correction by means of synthetic drugs.

Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

A man with erectile dysfunction has either a problem with erection or difficulty in maintaining it. Usually, it affects the sexual activity.

Erectile dysfunction can occur suddenly or gradually. Sometimes the erection decreases gradually. But for some men, especially those whose impotence is caused by psychological factors, may face this problem unexpectedly – at any time. Men with erectile dysfunction can experience normal orgasm and ejaculation without a proper erection.

Erectile Dysfunction Diagnostics

erectile dysfunction

  • Your doctor will ask about your medical history. He wants to know if you have any medical conditions that can cause impotence. These may be vascular, neurological and hormonal disorders.
  • Vascular disorders affect the entire body. Many men who have impotence due to vascular disease also have a history of heart diseases, strokes, or poor blood circulation in the legs.
  • Neurological problems can develop impotence in men with a history of diabetes and spinal cord injuries. They can also be caused by the symptoms in other parts of the body.
  • Men with an abnormal level of hormones, decreased sex drive is often accompanied by impotence.
  • Your doctor will review the medicines you are taking, ask about your sex life, the quality of your sexual relations will examine you in order to search for evidence of medical problems. This research will include examination of your penis and testicles, blood tests for blood sugar, cholesterol and certain hormones.
  • Sometimes your doctor may prescribe additional tests, one of which can be a study on a night erection. This method allows you to determine how often you have an erection during sleep.
  • Another test is Doppler testing of blood vessels in the penis. This test measures the blood flow into the penis.
  • The doctor can not always tell you the specific reasons why you came across an erectile dysfunction. However, many of erectile dysfunction treatments function positively regardless of the problem type. Thus, sometimes a man do not need such an extensive testing.

Use, Dosage and side effects of Viagra Canada pharmacy

Sildenafil is the trade name used for the sale of Viagra. Viagra Canada pharmacy is basically used to treat erectile dysfunction or pulmonary arterial hypertension in men.

How does Viagra Canada pharmacy work?

Viagra relaxes the muscles around the blood vessels and thus increasing the blood flow to a particular area in the body.

Talk to the doctor

Viagra is a common drug available to buy from a local pharmacy or an online pharmaceutical website like My Canadian Pharmacy. Though there are certain precautions that need to be taken before the usage of Viagra Canada pharmacy Doctor’s consultation is very well advised in below-mentioned cases.

  • If you are using Viagra with other brand names like Revatio
  • If you are already on medication for chest pain or heart disorders
  • Liver or kidney disorders
  • Any other medical condition

Viagra is mainly used to treat erectile dysfunction. If the erection prolongs more than the time of four hours, it is advisable to consult a doctor since this may damage the organ.

Heart disorders

Interaction of Viagra Canada pharmacy with other drugs

Viagra in combination with other drugs can cause adverse effects in the body. Some may feel reactions such as:

  • Dropping blood pressure
  • Vision loss


Viagra Canada pharmacy should be taken as prescribed by the doctor. It should not be taken in high amounts and is recommended to be used not more than once daily. Viagra is taken before one hour of sexual activity.

Side Effects

After taking Viagra Canada pharmacy, also available in My Canadian Pharmacy, if you feel like going through any of the below reactions, visit your doctor immediately.

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Numbness
  • Pain
  • Symptoms of heart attack
  • Shortness of breath
  • Seizure
  • Irregular heartbeats
  • Upset stomach
  • Unclear vision
  • Dizziness and headache

These may not cover the entire list of side effects occurring from Viagra. Consult your doctor in case you feel anything different from normal.

You should talk to your doctor even if you took an overdose since it can cause adverse health conditions.


Viagra Canada pharmacy should be stored away from the heat and moisture, at room temperature. Note that Viagra is not recommended for people less than 18 years of age.

Illegal Usage

SildenafilWith increasing popularity of the usage of Viagra, there are certain illicit drug users who combine with other drugs to cause an illusion. This includes treating erectile dysfunction or even trying to elongate the organ size. There are no extensive studies done on this but it is advisable to use Viagra through a certified doctor since experiments and interaction with unknown drugs can cause adverse side effects which can also be fatal.

Market Availability

Viagra is the most common drug used for erectile dysfunction and is easily available in local market. You can also buy it through My Canadian Pharmacy which offers good deals and discounts on most of its drugs. They also offer home delivery across the globe.

Treating the Problem of Erectile Dysfunction with Viagra Soft Tabs

Defining Erectile Dysfunction

Male sexual arousal is a very complex process that includes:

  • Brain
  • Nerves
  • Emotion
  • Blood vessels
  • Muscles

According to My Canadian Pharmacy, ED can result from any of these. At times, the combination of physical as well as psychological issue causes erectile dysfunction. Some of the physical causes of erectile dysfunction are:

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Peyronie’s disease which is the development of a scar tissue inside your penis
  • Intake of tobacco
  • Sleep disorder
  • Surgery of prostate cancer
  • Side effects of some prescription drugs
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Hormonal problems like low levels of testosterone

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction
There are also certain psychological causes of ED, like:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Problems in the relationship

The common symptoms of ED are:

  • Inability to achieve erection
  • Trouble maintaining an erection
  • Erection is too soft to penetrate the vagina

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction with Viagra Soft Tabs

ED can be treated with various medicines that are available in the market. One such medicine is Viagra. This oral drug had been introduced in the market in 1988. It became very popular in a short period of time.

Viagra soft tabs is soft generic Viagra that is used for treating ED is a just like other forms of Viagra. However, it can be taken on a regular basis. The doses of Viagra soft tab are generally smaller. As the medicine is taken every day, you will be able to take part in sex at any point of the day, even if you are having severe erection problem.

Viagra soft tabs are tablets that are scientifically formulated. They work in the same manner as Viagra. It stimulates the blow flow in the blood vessels of the penis, but only when you are sexually aroused. The oral drug by My Canadian Pharmacy is absorbed much more rapidly than the regular forms of Viagra. This is because it is absorbed by the bloodstream, directly and do not have to pass through the stomach.

ViagraSoft Generic Viagra is chewable tablets. Thus, you can either chew it or place it under your tongue till it dissolves completely. The effect of this drug is absolutely physical which implies that it will not lead to an instant erection. It generally contains 50mg or 100mg of sildenafil. You can take the one that suits your need.

The oral drug has a unique form and thus can be chewed instead of taking it with a glass of water. It requires at least fifteen to work. After consuming, the effect can last for about six hours.

Precautions to Maintain Before Taking Viagra Soft Tabs

Tell your doctor if you have any kind of medical condition. Report to the doctor if you have:

  • Heart disorder
  • Blood cell disorder
  • History of priapism
  • Liver disease
  • Kidney disease
  • High blood pressure

You should also let the doctor know if you are taking medication for some conditions. Avoid taking Viagra if you are taking nitrate for it might react to cause a sudden increase in the blood pressure.

Considerations of Delays in Diagnosis of Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism

patients with DVT or PEThis report documents and quantifies delays in the diagnosis of DVT and PE. Delays in the diagnosis of DVT and PE were common and substantial. Most of the delay in the diagnosis of DVT represented the delay from symptom onset to the date of medical evaluation. The delays from the date of medical evaluation to the occurrence of the confirmatory test were generally brief, perhaps reflecting the widespread availability of compression ultrasonography and a sense of urgency on the part of health-care providers. Furthermore, if treatment was begun prior to obtaining the confirmatory test, then the effective delay in diagnosis was less than we reported. However, it is unlikely that patients were treated for several days prior to obtaining a confirmatory objective test; therefore, our findings that there were substantial numbers of patients who experienced delays in diagnosis appears to be valid. Conversely, the delays were longer from the time of medical evaluation to time of the confirmatory diagnostic test for acute PE. This may occur because other common disorders mimic PE and because diagnostic algorithms for PE are more complex than those for DVT. It is also possible that there was limited access to pulmonary angiography or spiral CT scanning at the time of this study held with My Canadian Pharmacy.

Outlet of Delays in Diagnosis of Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism

deep vein thrombosis

Patient Population and Diagnostic Tests

Study sites enrolled 1,160 patients with venous thromboembolism from August 1, 1999, through November 30, 1999. Eight patients were excluded from the study because the data were incomplete, leaving a study population of 1,152 patients. This population included 808 patients in whom isolated DVT had been diagnosed, and 344 patients in whom PE had been diagnosed. Two hundred fifty-one patients (31.1%) had deep vein thrombi limited to calf veins, and 557 patients (68.9%) had proximal deep vein thrombi. The clinical characteristics are described in Table 1. The risk factors for venous thromboembolism included recent surgery (28.6%), underlying malignancy (29.0%), previous venous thromboembolism (30.4%), and immobility (37.6%).

Diagnostic Tests

The majority of 808 patients (92.6%) with isolated DVT had the diagnosis confirmed by compression ultrasonography. The remaining patients had DVT confirmed by venography (6.1%) or other tests (eg, magnetic resonance angiography) [1.3%].

My Canadian Pharmacy: Research of Delays in Diagnosis of Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism

Pulmonary embolismPulmonary embolism (PE) is a common cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary illness with an annual incidence in the United States that exceeds 1 case per 1,000 population and a mortality rate of > 15% in the first 3 months after diagnosis. This makes PE as deadly an illness as acute myocardial infarction. The majority of deaths occur within hours of acute PE, often as the consequence of previously unrecognized and untreated deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or acute PE. In addition, PE survivors may experience pulmonary hypertension and eventually die from right heart failure years after the occurrence of PE.

Earlier diagnoses of DVT and PE will reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with venous thromboembolism.2 However, data regarding delays in the diagnosis of venous thromboembolism are sparse. Therefore, to better understand delays in the diagnosis of venous thromboembolism, we undertook a prospective study of the diagnosis of venous thromboembolism at 70 North American medical centers.

Statements about Individualized Rehabilitation in Functional Independence in Elderly Patients With COPD

identical aerobicThis study describes two novel observations with regard to the delivery of PR. We have clearly demonstrated that rehabilitation improves domestic physical activity and functional independence but that more complex goal-directed, individually targeted rehabilitation does not have any additional benefit. Both rehabilitation groups showed improvements in domestic function as reflected in the monitored daily activity and patient-reported levels of domestic task completion. This is the first time that improvements in domestic function have been demonstrated as a result of PR. Importantly, this study confirms that PR is effective in improving exercise capacity and health status, and our results are in line with another similar trial.

Physical exercise is a mandatory component of PR, and the intensity of training should be individual-ized. It is reasonable to assume that the benefits of exercise training would be enhanced if the individual functional goals of patients could be incorporated into their exercise program. However, if training were specifically individualized in this way, the program would demand increased resources in terms of staff time and thereby become more expensive and complicated to deliver. The results from this study suggest that specific, goal-directed PR does not offer any advantage over a simple generic exercise program worked out with My Canadian Pharmacy.

Outlet about Individualized Rehabilitation in Functional Independence in Elderly Patients With COPD

Domestic ActivityOne-hundred and eighty patients were recruited to the study. Ninety patients were randomized to the GEP group and 90 patients to the ITEP group, Baseline characteristics of these patients are presented in Table 2. In total, 59 patients withdrew from the study before they completed the rehabilitation program. Details of the reasons for drop-out can be found in Figure 1. It is important to note that this level of drop-outs is similar to that experienced in our routine clinical service. Of the patients randomized to the GEP group, 58 completed the rehabilitation program compared with 63 of the patients randomized to the ITEP group. No baseline differences in age, gender distribution, or pulmonary function were found between the two groups. There were also no differences for either group when study drop-outs were compared with those who completed the study in terms of age, gender distribution, pulmonary function, and baseline ISWT score.

Researches of Individualized Rehabilitation in Functional Independence in Elderly Patients With COPD

individually targeted exercise program

Study Subjects

One hundred eighty patients (mean [± SD] age, 68.3 ± 8.6 years; FEV1, 0.95 ±0.4 L; FEV1/FVC ratio, 0.51 ± 0.15; 111 male patients; 69 female patients) with stable COPD were recruited from the PR assessment clinic at Glenfield Hospital, Leicester, United Kingdom. Additional details relating to patient information for both treatment groups can be found in Table 2. All of the patients had stable disease, with no hospital admissions or exacerbations for 4 weeks preceding the assessment. The Leicestershire Ethics Committee approved the study, and all of the patients provided informed written consent. Recruitment took place from September 1998 to February 2000.

My Canadian Pharmacy: Individualized Rehabilitation in Functional Independence in Elderly Patients With COPD

COPDThe progress of COPD is associated with increasing breathlessness, disability, and frequent hospitalizations. An aging population in the developed world and increasing cigarette consumption in developing countries compounds the global impact of this condition. The disability associated with COPD leads to a reduction in physical activity and a loss of functional independence. The disability may not appear in COPD until there has been irretrievable loss of lung function. Treatment aimed at reversing airflow obstruction is frequently ineffective, and therapeutic strategies are better aimed at attenuating symptoms and reducing disability. Recent guidelines for the management of COPD emphasize the importance of pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) as part of an integrated multidisciplinary approach.