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How to Improve Erectile Function? Top Rules for Stronger Erections

Men often experience such a problem as erectile dysfunction. If you wonder how to cure erectile dysfunction, you can refer to specialists or increase potency at home. There are several methods for improving men’s health but they all require patience, for example, using generic Viagra (Sildenafil) and other erectile dysfunction medications. Below in the article: Method 1. Natural foods to cure erectile dysfunction Method 2. Sport and erectile dysfunction Method 3. Natural treatment for erectile dysfunction Natural foods to cure erectile dysfunction Foods that increase potency […]

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DO PATENTS MATTER?: The “Event” My Canadian pharmacy – Viagra

The absence of patent protection in the developing world has seriously damaged the economic interests of research-oriented Western drug companies. Pharmaceutical products are typically quite straightforward to manufacture, and once a country has developed a domestic production capacity, new drugs can be quickly imitated and produced in bulk. Without patent protection, the innovator may struggle to make the profits which are its reward for incurring the substantial risk and expense of developing its product. The experience in India illustrates this situation well. There, an active […]

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