Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked QuestionsQ. How can i pay for the bills?

A. We take:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Check
  • Cash
  • Assignment of insurance benefits

Q. What documents I need to be examined?

A. You’d better bring a photo ID and your insurance card while attending our center. Please assure to allow our staff be informed of ANY allergies, current remedies and your medical history.

Q. What difference does lay between Urgent Care and Emergency Care?

A. Emergency care is referred to those notions which could be above the range of any urgent care center, as they could evidence to be life-damaging and thus challenge the full tests conducted by hospital staff.

Q. Does Bay View Urgent Care change my primary care physician?

A. No, at Bay View Urgent Care, our objection is not to change your primary care physician but to be accessible, when their office may be out of work or when it is unpractical to be witnessed by them promptly.

Q. When should I use an urgent care center rather than my regular doctor?

A. Use your regular doctor when you can. We are here to assist in your care if you cannot schedule a convenient appointment. You will find the urgent care can handle your problem promptly.

Q. Why is it not preferable to use the Emergency Room?

A. If you have a true life damaging problem, you’d better attend an emergency room. Nevetherless, most patients do not demand the charges and time delay of the emergency room for instant illnesses/injuries. Do not waste time and money in vain and visit Bayview Urgent Care immediate.

Q. Do we copperate with other doctors?

A. Yes. We may examine patients when your doctor is absent, after hours, weekends and holidays. We solve the instant problem as fast as possible and make you come back to your primary care doctor the next day. We also working with My Canadian Pharmacy providing us with everything necessary to deliver the immediate assistance for our customers.

Q. Do you refer patients to specialists?

A. Yes. We treat immediately istant problems such as sprains, fractures, lacerations, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, etc. and refer patients to the well-examined specialists the next day or immediately if the illness damages the patient more that we can envision.

Q. Is x-ray accessible?

A. Yes it is. We have x-ray establishments on site with x-ray specialists in staff.

Q. Do your doctors have regular patients?

A. Since we are a free urgent care center, our stress is on the instant care patient. Some patients utilize us as their primary care supplier.

Q. Do I need registration? How soon will I be examined?

A. No registration is necessary. Patients are examined as they come.

Q. Do we examine patients with instant illnesses?

A. We will examine patients with various diseases: bladder-infections, flu, colds, blood pressure checks, minor trauma, fractures, lacerations, ear wax removal, rashes, bites, muscular pains, etc. We will transport you to the emergency room establishment at Bert Fish Medical Center if your health condition is life damaging to much.