How to Stop Premature Ejaculation?

Premature EjaculationWhy man ejaculates quickly? The problem of premature ejaculation has always existed, but only in recent years it has been taken seriously from different points of view. A man can not stop ejaculation which has already begun, but can delay it if he has such a desire. There are a lot of ways how to stop premature ejaculation. What is left is to choose the most suitable among them.

How to prolong ejaculation?

The man can stop the peak of sexual arousal in several ways. Many of them are used quite effectively and answer the question of how to prolong ejaculation:

  1. A man can use more dense condoms to reduce the sensitivity of the penis. Thus, the condom will help avoid unwanted pregnancy, infection with infectious diseases and also prolong sexual contact;
  2. The moment of premature ejaculation can be postponed, if you think about anything else, not connected to sexual activity;
  3. Using modern medical products (Viagra Super Force with Dapoxetine) and synthetic lubricants;
  4. You can choose poses that reduce sexual sensitivity and delay the moment of ejaculation. Many man are able to postpone ejaculation in the position when the woman is on top;
  5. Some men prefer to masturbate before a meeting with a partner to reduce the sensitivity of the penis and reduce the sexual desire a little;
  6. Another way of how to stop premature ejaculation requires certain experience and skill. Feeling the moment of culmination, the man stops frictional movements. After a very short break (usually 20-30 seconds), he can continue sexual intercourse. This method allows you to extend sex to a period sufficient to satisfy the woman;
  7. The whole art is the ability not just to prevent early ejaculation, but to control the time of ejaculation. You can learn this by using various exercises, for example, Kegel’s method. Kegel exercises teach to control the lumbar-coccygeal muscle, partially controlling ejaculation. There are also exercises on stretching the muscles of the lower back, legs (exercise “butterfly”, which helps to relax the muscles).

How to prolong ejaculation with drugs?


Prolongators are the fastest and most convenient way to prolong sexual intercourse. The effect of prolongants (creams, gels, sprays, tablets) is based on a decrease in the sensitivity of nerve endings of the penis or on a sexually-toning effect, when the man relaxes and calms down under strong overexcitation. Proven prolongators:

  • Dapoxetine;
  • Viagra Super Force (Seildenafil + Dapoxetine) 
  • Sprays.

Dapoxetine (PDE5 inhibitor) is a unique substance, the use of which makes it possible to prolong the sexual act and make it passionate and bright. It is recommended using Dapoxetine during psychoemotional overexcitation, associated with emotional overstrain. Inhibiting serotonin, the components of the drug block the receptors of the cerebral cortex responsible for feelings of sexual pleasure. The drug does not influence other brain functions.

The effective premature ejaculation pills have become very popular in Europe. You can buy Dapoxetine for premature ejaculation online. Dapoxetine works after the first intake, and complete harmonization of the intimate sphere is achieved after several weeks of regular use. However, the remedy will not become addictive.

Viagra Super Force (Sildenafil + Dapoxetine) does not only prolongs sexual act, but also eliminates the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

The advantage of the premature ejaculation pills is not only its effectiveness in reducing anxiety and tension, but also its affordable cost. The price of Dapoxetine online is significantly lower.

You can also reduce the sensitivity of the penis with the help of gels, creams and premature ejaculation sprays. They are applied to sensitive areas just a few minutes before intimacy. Dosage of the drugs should be selected individually according to the characteristics of the body. The composition of prolongators includes anesthetics (benzocaine, lidocaine, etc.), additional deodorizing components. They differ in the composition, the degree of decrease in sensitivity, the time of action.

Premature ejaculation treatment by means of surgical intervention

Surgical intervention is an extreme measure in the issue of how to prolong ejaculation.

  • The surgery removes the head of the penis completely or partially, and after 2-4 months the sensitivity is partially restored as the nerve pillars grow and recover. As a result, the duration of intercourse is significantly increased, and a man can have several sexual intercourses per day.
  • Complete or partial foreskin removal is another type of surgical premature ejaculation treatment. Foreskin removal decreases the penis sensitivity. This helps avoid premature ejaculation, and the sexual act lasts longer.

Both types premature ejaculation treatment have many positive and negative aspects, and men should study them very carefully before undergoing surgery. If you tried one of the ways and did not feel any effect, do not get upset. It is worth experimenting with others, because their action depends largely on the physiological characteristics of men.